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If I decide to employ your service, am I committed to continue service, or am I required to sign a contract or agreement?

No contract or continued obligation is required. You can use our service once, as needed, or on a regular basis such as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Clients who use our services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis are assigned a regular Cleaning Technician and each service is scheduled on the same day of the week.


What if I don’t need my whole house cleaned?

We try our best to customize our service to fit your particular needs. We can do as much or as little as you require.


Why do you send an individual rather than a team?

When we first started business in 1986, we worked in teams of two. We quickly found out that things would get overlooked because one Cleaning Technician thought the other took care of something that just didn’t get done. We have found over the years that by assigning an individual Cleaning Technician to your home, you get a more personalized service. Your tech becomes familiar with your home and your particular concerns. Your tech takes pride in the job they do  because they know they will be coming back to be of service to you again and again.


What if I am not happy with the service I receive?

Client satisfaction is of vital importance to us. At each service we leave a comment card for our clients to respond to the service they are receiving. We rely very heavily on our clients for feedback, and if there ever is any dissatisfaction, we do everything we can to rectify the situation immediately.


Why do you use MY cleansers and supplies? And what do I need to have on hand for the cleaning?

Many of our clients have allergies and/or certain preferences to cleansers and prefer our Cleaning Technicians to use particular products in their homes. Our clients have also expressed concerns about having mops, brooms and vacuums that have been used to clean hundreds of other homes being brought into their home environment. So they prefer we use their own since many have these things already in their home. The products generally required for the cleaning are: furniture polish, bathroom cleansers, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleanser, floor cleaner, paper towels, cotton string mop, broom, and vacuum. Your Cleaning Technician will leave a note on your comment card if you are in need of supplies for the next visit.


Do I have to be home?

No. In fact, most of our clients are not home and make prior arrangements with Deserved Comfort for entry. Some of our clients are home while we clean, which is perfectly fine. Our Cleaning Technicians are trained to work in various situations.

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