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Microwave Cleaning Guide – 2 Methods, 1 Fantastic Result!

Your trusty old microwave; the day you got it was the day it looked so new and clean. Unfortunately, just like your fridge, stove, and oven, your microwave is bound to get dirty, greasy and grimy over time. There are a few different methods for cleaning your microwave, but we’ve narrowed it down to two: one using natural sources and one using store-bought products. Read on to find out which is more fitting for your micro cleaning needs.


Natural All the Way

If your microwave needs nothing more than cleaning up greasy surfaces and food spills, a natural cleaning solution will work just fine. Although you can also use lemon as a natural source, we’ve found that it’s not as effective as white vinegar for cleaning microwaves. Here is the step-by-step cleaning method of using white vinegar.


Step One: Fill a glass bowl halfway with water, add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and place it in your microwave to heat for 5 minutes (or until it starts steaming or fogging up the glass door).  Never let the water boil in your microwave, that is dangerous, and we just want the steam to loosen up the dirt and grime.  

Step Two: Use a hot pad and take the bowl out. Then, turn the power off or unplug your microwave for safety reasons before you start the cleaning process. Remove the plate/turntable so you can wash it in the sink with regular dish soap and a sponge after you have completed Step Three.

Step Three: With the interiors sweating and the grime and grease loosened, take a clean microfibre cloth or non-abrasive sponge and wipe the insides. We can also use microwave cleaning wipes. Start with the roof, then onto the sides; leave the bottom for last as any food particles from the top and sides will fall to the bottom when wiping.  You can dampen the cloth by dipping it into the vinegar & water bowl; just make sure that the water isn’t too hot.

You may want to use rubber gloves for this part just because the heat in the microwave may still be a little too hot for comfort and the vinegar & water mixture could also be too hot for unprotected hands.

Step Four: For the exterior, you can either use plain, warm water or the same vinegar solution to wipe away any dirt using a regular dishcloth. If it is stainless steel, you can shine it, consider using olive oil; it’s also great for removing stubborn stains.



Window Cleaner to the Rescue

For a very soiled microwave that hasn’t been cleaned for a while,  natural cleaning solutions may not be strong enough for cleaning it.  If that is the case, your trusty, window cleaner has been proven to be the best cleaning option. Here’s the step-by-step method.


Step One: Take one part warm water and two parts window cleaner and mix in a bowl. This is generally enough to clean the interiors and exteriors, but you can make another solution if it gets over or too dirty.

Step Two: Remove the turntable and hand wash it with your liquid dish soap.  To clean the interiors, use a soft sponge dipped in the solution and follow the same process as cleaning with vinegar; i.e., start from the top, move to the sides and clean the base last. For stubborn stains or hardened food spills, pour this solution into a small spray bottle and spritz the gunk directly. Allow it to soak for a few minutes before wiping it clean.

Step Three: Take a clean kitchen cloth soaked in water and wipe the insides down thoroughly. Make sure that there is no trace of window cleaner left in your microwave after you’re done wiping it out. Leave the door open to dry and air out. If the smell of the cleaner is still evident, wipe it down one more time,  with a damp cloth until the microwave is odorless.

Step Four: Cleaning the exteriors with window cleaner is perhaps the easiest part of the micro cleaning guide. Just spray the glass door, handle and sides and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. Your microwave will look as good as new, inside and out!


We make cleaning guides simple, yet effective so that homeowners are never overwhelmed when they do it themselves. Choose the easiest way to clean a microwave. For professional household cleaning, Simply Maid offers topnotch services to tackle all home cleaning needs at your convenience. To get a quote, please visit our services and pricing page. You can also call us on 1-300 858 937 for more information.

How to Keep Wooden Surfaces Dust-Free for Longer Periods of Time

The coziness and aesthetic appeal of having wooden surfaces in the home are unparalleled. Hardwood floors and wood furniture add a warmth and charm to your interiors which other types of materials simply cannot do. For that reason, and many others, it is essential to take proper care of the wood to prolong its life and maintain its beauty.

The downside of having wooden components in the home, however, is that they attract dust very easily! In fact, you can find dust settled on a wooden surface as soon as a minute after wiping it!  Yes, it’s very frustrating to feel like your efforts to clean are going up and away with the dust settling so quickly!  Well, we’ve got some great tips to help keep your wooden surfaces dust-free for more extended periods of time than you thought possible! Read on.


  1. Vacuum or Sweep with Microfiber Brooms

Using a regular broom to sweep your hardwood floors is not effective in removing dust completely. In fact, much of the dust and dirt merely get moved around as opposed to being swept up into the dustpan. Sweeping with a regular broom also encourages dust to become airborne; where it settles on your furniture and other surfaces, taking you back to square one. Hence, we suggest vacuuming hardwood floors using an appropriate brush attachment or sweeping with a microfiber broom that attracts and picks up dust efficiently.


  1. Use Damp Cloths to Wipe Furniture

Avoid using feather dusters, dry cloths or dust rags to wipe your wooden furniture. These dusting “aids” will either unsettle dust (instead of picking it up) or transfer it to other areas or surfaces as you go about dusting. Clean, damp cloths, on the other hand, will pick up dust efficiently so that none of it is unsettled and allowed to reappear on the surface again. Just follow up with a dry cloth, all wood will absorb water, and we don’t want to ruin it, just clean it!


  1. Clean Air Vents Regularly

A significant contributor to dust in the home comes from your air vents. If not cleaned regularly, air vents quickly collect dust which then gets blown out into your home when your HVAC unit is turned on. The dust settles on your furniture and other surfaces, leaving you with no other option but to dust your furniture again. You can avoid this and keep dust off your wooden surfaces for longer periods by paying close attention to your air vents and cleaning them when needed which should be at least once a year.


  1. Groom Pets and Keep Them Off the Furniture

If you have pets, here is another problem, pet dander.  Pet dander is a significant contributor to household dust which is why you should discourage your pets from climbing onto your furniture. It’s also important to groom them regularly to eliminate as much pet dander as possible from clinging to your furniture. For the cleaning part, either use kitchen gloves to wipe your wood furniture or use a microfiber cloth.  Both the rubber gloves and the microfiber cloths will attract and hold dust and pet dander.


If you find all this dusting to be time-consuming, you can always call our maid service for help maintaining a dust free home for you and your family.

Tips for Fun on Valentine’s Day and the Cleanup Afterwards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. By now, surely you’re looking for ways to enjoy the night and make it extra memorable for your special someone or the whole family and let me tell you, you can surprise them without worrying how to clean up the mess after!

Here are some fun tips for you to do as a family or as a couple to celebrate the occasion and on how to restore your home back to its glory after that special Valentine’s Day evening!


Bond in the kitchen!

You can prepare snacks and meals for the special day as a family. Get the children to help too! You can whip up holiday-themed meals like the following:

Valentine’s day popcorn

You might think it’s a bit difficult to prepare, but it is not. You can make a simple recipe for white chocolate popcorn; check out the full recipe here!

Red Velvet Heart Sandwich Cookies

Express your love and appreciation through these red velvet heart sandwich cookies with a smooth cream filling perfect for the occasion! They are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day when you want to give someone a little love.


Make stuff!

Collect all the crafty items at home and go to town with heart-shaped decorations, get crafty and have a great family time:

Create a fingerprint heart tree

With a little paint and construction paper, you can make a tree full of hearts using just your fingers as brushes. Check this tutorial and have fun with the little ones in the family!  

Make Valentine’s Day cards

Exchanging cards its part of this tradition so what can be cooler than getting a personalized one? Use paint, markers, magazine cutouts and some construction paper and make the best valentine’s day card ever.


Play with the family!

You can go with the classic board games or try themed games so long as you all have a good time.

Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

Print these free templates at home and enjoy Bingo with Valentine’s Day twist. The winner gets all the chocolate!

Go on a scavenger hunt

A tried and true game that never grows old! Have your family in pairs and see who wins!


Want more game ideas? Here are some more!

Now, when the night is done, and everyone is exhausted, you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning, so here are some tips to make it through the cleaning process in a piece!


Paint Stains

If all the crafty activities took a toll on your clothes, don’t worry, here’s how to take care of it!
If the paint is water based all you have to do is run the piece of clothing through the water until it runs clear and then toss in the washing machine. Now, if it’s oil based you’ll have to take an extra step using dishwashing soap on the stain; just put some of the soap on the stain, rub it a little and then into the washing machine it goes!


Candle Wax

If you used them to decorate the house for Valentine’s Day, you might have gotten wax on your furniture or clothes accidentally. What to do? First, wait until the wax has cooled down, then use a blunt knife or any flat material to scrape the wax off. If it’s fabric, be extra careful not to tear it. Then, you can use an iron or a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting to soften the wax. Wipe it away as soon as it softens. Once removed, you can use a mixture of soap and water to eliminate the remaining spots. Finished!

Here is a hack that can save for the next romantic rendezvous. Pop your candles in the freezer! It will make them burn slower and dripless!



When chocolate melts, it can stain anything! If that happens, no fretting here is a house cleaning life hack to do the trick: with hardened chocolate stains, go ahead and scrape away! If the item is just a small one, you can place it in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes which can make all the scraping easier. For upholstery and furniture, sponge the stain using a solution made with two cups of cold water and a tablespoon of dish soap.


Red Wine

If during dinner, red wine found its way away from you and into your clothes, here’s what to do!The first thing to do is soak as much as you can with a clean cloth. If the spot is something that is washable, sprinkle salt on top of it and then pour soda water to slow the setting. After that, you can proceed to wash it as you usually do.

If the red wine made its way to the carpet, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar or dish soap with two cups of cold water and sponge until everything is removed. Blot the area dry using a clean sponge or towel.


With these tips, you can now freely plan everything without the worry of cleaning up afterward. Let Valentine’s Day be a day of love and happiness! Don’t forget, if you need any help, you can call in the professionals!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 Awesome Ways to Use Vinegar for Household Cleaning

It was not uncommon for homeowners to turn to vinegar when all else fails in home cleaning! That’s because this simple ingredient can do amazing things! Moreover, it’s all natural and completely safe to use in homes with kids and pets, as opposed to those harsh, store-bought cleaners.

If you’re still skeptical, however, we’ve got four fantastic ways to use vinegar as your core ingredient for various household cleaning needs. Read on to find out what these are and how you can start cleaning efficiently with vinegar.


  1. Window Cleaning

While the use of vinegar for a window cleaner is beneficial in cleaning very soiled glass panes, a solution of water and vinegar is suitable for regular or routine cleaning to simply remove dirt and light stains. You can do this by mixing equal parts (of water and white vinegar) Then pour the solution into a spray bottle.  Next, wipe your windows with a dry cloth before spritzing your homemade cleaner onto the glass and cleaning it with another clean microfiber cloth.


  1. Removing Carpet Stains

When it comes to spills on your carpet, it’s best to act fast. Hence, we advise keeping a mixture of (equal parts) water and vinegar in a bottle for emergencies. To remove carpets stains, grab a bunch of paper towels and dab the stained area to soak up as much moisture as possible.  Pour the solution over the stain; just enough to soak up the entire stain without allowing the water to spread very much wider than the actual stain. Then allow the vinegar mixture to work its magic by letting it stand for 5-10 minutes. Finally, blot the stain using a light colored towel (preferably white) and check the stained area. If the stain has not been removed completely, wait for it to dry and repeat the whole process until the stain is gone.


  1. Removing Sticky Residue from Furniture

Any adhesive left by stickers or tape can be a pain to remove using a damp cloth or even a cleanser. What’s worse, when you can’t get the stickiness out, you tend to rub harder which can damage or mark your furniture. To remove the adhesiveness with ease, spray undiluted vinegar over the area and leave it for 5 minutes. If it dries up before that, re-spray the area and keep it moist until the timer rings. Now, all you have to do is wipe it with a clean cloth and the stickiness will have vanished!  (Please note:  This is one time you might not want to use a microfiber cloth.)


  1. Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces

Vinegar has the ability to clean and sanitize various surfaces in your kitchen. This includes the sink, counters, doors, and handles of various appliances and the stovetop. You’ll need white distilled vinegar for this but first, the surfaces will have to be wiped with a dry cloth to remove food bits and others contaminants. Next, grab a clean microfiber cloth and dip it in a bowl of raw white distilled vinegar and start wiping.  You can enjoy the added sheen this amazing household ingredient leaves on surfaces!

Office Hacks for a Clean Workspace

Employers usually hire janitors to do the cleaning for the entire office. Since these cleaners are tasked to clean huge office spaces, particularly the dirtier areas like the pantry or restroom, the absolute cleanliness of our desks won’t be guaranteed, so it is still the responsibility of each employee to ensure that their workspace is kept clean and organized.

Cleaning your work-space in the office doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as you think it could be. You don’t need to bring your cleaning materials just to have a clean work desk. Here are some small items that are handy, either at home or in your workstation, and they can help you tidy up your workspace.


  1. Post-it

Post-its are useful tools to keep our notes and our thoughts organized at work. Even if we’ve already used them, we can still make good use of them. Used post-its can still be sticky, and can be used when cleaning some stuff. Poke the sticky part of the post-it on hard-to-reach spaces like in keyboards to get rid of dust and other small dirt.


  1. Baby or Body Wipes

Baby and Body wipes are convenient stuff for our hygiene. Apart from using them for our face or body, they can also be used for cleaning as well. You may use them to free your computers and other items on your desk from dust and dirt. Baby wipes can also remove stains caused by coffee and food spills.


  1. Binder Clips

Binder clips are commonly used to organize papers.  If they are plastic coated, they can also be used for other stuff on your desk, like organizing earphones, cellphone charger, and other gadget cords. You can even use them to hook essential papers on cork boards.  The larger size ones can be used as a stand for either photos or cellphones.


  1. Vinegar

It may sound very unusual to bring a bottle of regular white vinegar from your kitchen to use at your workstation. Just a small bottle can do wonders for keeping your workspace clean. You may wipe off rust spots from metal objects like scissors or cabinets using a rag or paper towel dampened with a little vinegar. Tough, nasty stains on old chairs and desks may also be removed using vinegar.


  1. Kleenex

Kleenex is another classic personal item that can also be used for cleaning. While you have the wet baby wipes for some cleaning, you may want to dry those spots using Kleenex. It can also be used to brush off crumbs from your desk and to sop up water and other wet spills.


  1. Spray Disinfectant Cleanser

It’s not enough to clean just the tangible items in your workspace. Sometimes, it’s also necessary to clean the air in your office. As offices rely heavily on air conditioners, the whole office easily gets contaminated with disease-causing germs and bacteria that can easily spread and be transferred to anyone — especially if a sick officemate reports to work. Bringing a small, handy bottle might help you stay healthy and productive at work.


Bringing these items into the office may take up space either in your work site cabinets/shelving or desk. However,  having these small items will help you to keep a clean, organized, and safe workstation without relying on the office janitors.

Helpful Tips to Guide You on Your New Year’s Day After-party Clean Up

New Years embrace new beginnings – a chance for everyone to begin fresh and fun. It’s just bound to start with one hell of a celebration! At this point, you must have listed all your resolutions, like last year. But if you were to assess what you learned from the previous party, it would most probably go like this, “I will keep my sanity intact while doing the after-party clean up.”

As life is a two-edged sword, hosting a New Year’s party at your home has its ups and downs. An advantage is that you don’t have to worry about drunk drivers on the road when the party is at your own home. On the contrary, there is that responsibility of cleaning up afterward.

The single thought of cleaning alone is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat, but does tidying up need to be that bad? Well, not really. With a little planning, and sticking to your checklist, you could achieve a fresh home for the new year in no time – even if you’re nursing a hangover.

Usually, it’s best for you to clean up immediately after your guests have left, but tidying up after the New Year’s Party is slightly different. Your guests won’t probably leave until midnight is long past, so it’s wise to start the majority of the cleanup for the next day. That way you’ll feel more refreshed and not so sleepy. Some chores should be done before you lay your head down.


Before going to bed make sure to…

  • Put any uneaten food in plastic containers and place it back in the fridge. If you leave it lying there all night, it could quickly rot and have bacteria grow on it. By doing so, it will stay fresh longer, and you might not have to cook the next day.
  • Seal or re-cork bottles of wine that haven’t been entirely emptied yet. You can use some cling wrap to cover the top if you can’t get the cork back in. 
  • Act on any urgent matters such as stains and spills. They are easiest to remove when treated immediately. Apply an organic stain remover, soak then gently dab. You can wash it thoroughly the next day. 
  • Clear out any clutter you see. The last thing you’d want is to navigate a maze full of empty cans and bottles in the middle of the night during those times when you are in desperate need of the loo.


After waking up…

The first battle you’ll want to take on is decluttering. It’s just that everything seems more manageable when you’re in an airy, open environment than one full of empty bottles and cans that you can form a miniature Empire State Building with. To get started:

  • Prepare waste bags or recycling bags. Although anything made of plastic or glass is usually recyclable, if you don’t know what is permitted, be sure to seek advice from your local council about which are recyclable, and which are not.  Some communities have that information posted online. 
  • You may want to rinse out the bottles and cans, first since alcohol can create an overpowering smell when it’s old, and it can produce a severe odor inside your house. As soon as your rubbish or recycling bags get full, take them to the bin immediately. 
  • You can start doing the dishes. Fill the dishwasher with bowls, plates, and glasses. 
  • Gather your fabric tablecloths and napkins and give them a spin in your washing machine. Use an organic good quality detergent having stain removers to eliminate spots. You can also start washing items you have applied stain removers to the night before.


Just in case you might forget…

  • Do not forget to inspect the toilet premises. Everyone tries his best to be hygienic, but once alcohol is flowing and actions are impaired, there can be a few misses. Wear rubber gloves and start wiping the areas with disinfectant wipes. You can place a bowl of baking soda in the room to absorb the odor. 
  • If one of your guests went over his limit and vomited, there can be that horrible,  leftover smell lingering around your home. If it happened on your carpet, you could use a sponge to dab over the area with warm, soapy water and vinegar. Allow it to dry naturally. Or if you have difficulties in doing so, you may check out the best Calgary carpet cleaning services here. 
  • Oh and one last thing, remember to use organic disinfectants to wipe or spray handles, doorknobs, and anything else that you usually touch on a regular basis.


And for the finishing touches…

You are now a step closer to bringing your house back to normal state, congratulations! But to complete the cleaning process, start sweeping floors, vacuum, and polish dirty mirrors and windows. This can give your house a more energetic and refreshed vibe.

If you feel like you are too tired to do everything by yourself, you can look up trusted house cleaning services Columbia, SC and hire the professionals!

No matter how you feel the morning after your New Year’s Party, you’ll surely feel better once you get your house in order. After all, you can just relax and welcome the year the way you want to.

CLEANIFY: Thirty-one years of cleaning for Columbia, South Carolina… and counting!


When Marlo Kanipe was studying philosophy in college, she thought she’d become a medical ethicist, working in hospitals to help decide controversial cases. Instead, in 1986 she and her mother founded their successful cleaning company, Deserved Comfort Housekeeping, to service Columbia, South Carolina. Besides going to school full time, Marlo had a full time job in banking, but realized that she could create a company from the side business she was doing of cleaning condos for attorneys in town. Her mother, Bunny, started researching the cleaning industry and financed the business, but both of them continued to work full time elsewhere and handle the cleaning in the evenings. Marlo laughs about the difference between then and now. “Back then we charged $20 a house no matter what size it was, and we even did the dishes.”

“Back then we charged $20 a house no matter what size it was, and we even did the dishes.”

Marlo bought the company from her mother in 2000 so Bunny could retire and had been running things single handedly until she hired full time help in the office recently. While her philosophy classes didn’t help her understand the basics of running a business, she had handled the bookkeeping and payroll for her father’s hardware store when she was in high school. “Everything else I learned from taking courses.”

She kept the business small and wasn’t too concerned about growing it until she was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. “I worked through it the whole time but couldn’t really concentrate on anything except getting well. After I got well and got back on my feet I realized I needed to grow the business into something that I could retire from or sell.”

After beating cancer, Marlo set out to grow Deserved Comfort into an even more successful business. That’s when she discovered the helpful resources available at ARCSI, and she went to a convention to learn more. “I couldn’t believe all the people who were there that owned cleaning businesses. Ever since then I’ve been very involved with the organization and have made wonderful friends.”

That conference is where she found out about Cleaning For A Reason, the non-profit that provides free cleaning services to women who are battling cancer. As a cancer survivor, Marlo has bonded with the women whose homes her company cleans as part of the program. “It is a sisterhood that no one wants to belong to. I know what it means to them and it made me really want to serve more women.”

Staff picnic at the lake

Her compassion reaches far beyond her clients and touches her staff as well. Marlo focuses on making her team feel like they are part of a family. “Many of the women who work for us don’t have things that others have had, they come from broken families or are single mothers with kids. I feel like a momma to them.” She is quick to give hugs at staff meetings and makes sure everyone has fun at the offsite meetings like the staff picnic at Lake Murray where everyone brought their families to enjoy games, watersports, and food.

With over three decades of experience in the cleaning business, Marlo has more stories than she has time to share. “I should write a book,” she said. From maggot infestations, to worrying about discarded needles during the height of the AIDS crisis, to a team member walking in on a suicide scene, she has seen it all. There was even a client whose life they saved—twice. The crew found the elderly woman having an epileptic seizure under her table when they came over to clean and called the ambulance. Later, she had moved into a care center and the crew once again found her having a seizure and called for help.

Now that Marlo is laser-focused on growing the company, she is excited about learning tactics from other successful cleaning business owners. “We’ve been doing things one way for a long time and I’m excited to try new things. It’s scary to take a leap of faith to invest in marketing but I know it will work and pay off. You gotta spend money to make money.” She has found the resources available from ARCSI to be invaluable and highly recommends this for other companies. “Get to know other cleaning business owners. No matter how long you’ve been in the business, you don’t know everything. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned in the three years since I joined ARCSI.”

When she’s not spending time on her Facebook groups with other cleaning business owners, Marlo loves to travel. Now that she’s got help in the office she can take longer trips and just got back from a two week tour of the West, hitting up the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, and Las Vegas. She also combines her love of travel with her excitement about the business and joins a small group of cleaning business owners that meet up in Atlanta.

If you’re looking for a cleaning company in Columbia, South Carolina, I’m sure you’ve heard of Deserved Comfort. If not, you should check out the company that has been cleaning in your community for over thirty years.

An Office Christmas Party Aftermath – The Cleanup

Christmas is the season to celebrate not only with your friends and family but also with your colleagues. Throwing an office Christmas party had become a great tradition for most companies.  Annual holiday get-togethers are their chance to enjoy the holidays with workmates.

If the office Christmas party is held off-sight, the venue usually has its staff to do the cleaning. For big businesses, they have janitorial services to take care of the leftover clutter.

In the case of small parties, like departmental Christmas parties, those in attendance usually handle the cleaning tasks.


Let the professionals handle the job.

The easiest way to handle the cleaning for any office or business is by using trusted cleaning companies that offer office cleaning services.

Companies planning their party always include this expense in the budget. Whether it is part of the rental fee of the venue,  This way, they do not need not think about where to get the cash to pay the service in the future.

The upside of outsourcing is countless. You can achieve peace of mind with the thought that after the big fun event; everything gets back in order efficiently. Managers can relieve themselves of the worry from messy cleanup and get back to their daily routine of work.

When hiring office cleaning services, make sure that they have the tools, experience, and resources to do it all right. An efficient cleaning company does more than just wiping down washroom areas. They reduce the possibility of employees getting sick while working in a sanitized environment. While office managers delegate tasks to each employee, a professional cleaner already knows what to do, saving time for the job.


Get that office teamwork going.

If your company cannot accommodate the extra expense to outsource the aftermath cleaning of the party, they decide to do the cleaning internally. Below are some tips to help loosen your nerves to tidying up stress-free with your workmates:

  • Declutter. The mess that you’ll be facing can be overwhelming. You should begin decluttering any waste you see and freeing up surfaces for wiping down. You should also have separate trash bags to sort through while cleaning.
  • Plan ahead. Aside from planning the actual party, it’s also important to think about getting the company office ready for the next day of work. You can place bins in convenient places to ensure that the mess is conveniently stacked when you clean up.
  • Use odor neutralizers. Mopping up spills and wiping down surfaces are easy tasks but the smell of drinks and alcohol can linger. Instead of air fresheners, use odor neutralizers which are more eco-friendly and less harmful.

Planning, organizing and executing the annual office Christmas party is a tough but fun task. Enjoying the party is the bomb. Cleaning the mess is a challenge and a huge responsibility – a responsibility that only a few volunteer to handle. With these suggested cleaning tips, you can shrug it off your shoulders in no time.

2017 ARCSI Annual Convention: Top 100 Cleaning Partners with Cleaning for a Reason Comfort Housekeeping was recently recognized at the 2017 ARCSI annual convention in Las Vegas for being one of the top 100 Cleaning Partners with Cleaning for a Reason for the number of women served in 2016!  Cleaning for a Reason is a non-profit charitable organization who, in partnership with house cleaning companies, provides free cleanings to women battling cancer.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaner for Your House This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving only happens once a year.  A great time for a marvelous dinner with friends or family is always on the menu. You need to clean the house thoroughly to prevent embarrassment because of messy surroundings.  A professional house cleaning service can help you with that. Here is a list of reasons to hire that professional house cleaning service today:


Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaner

  1.    Easier for you

Cleaning is not an easy task. Cleaning the house and preparing food for the occasion can be a nightmare. Juggling those two separate chores can zap the energy out of anybody. Hiring a cleaning service will give you more time to spend preparing sumptuous food for the occasion. Cooking without the worries of a dirty house allows you to focus a little better to make the meal plans. You can even ask a family member to help you in the kitchen to make it a special bonding moment.


  1.    It is less stressful

Whether your guests will be family or friends, planning for such an occasion can be a daunting task.  For this reason alone, a helping hand will reduce your stress level. You can leave the cleaning to professionals while doing the other important tasks.  Preparing for that Thanksgiving meal for example.  It will free up some of your time so you can do those things that you might have skipped if you were pressed for time, like making a special centerpiece for the holiday table.  


  1.    Professional cleaners are trained to help you with your housecleaning tasks

A lot of people are saying cleaning is cleaning.  It may look that simple but you are sadly mistaken. Professional cleaning companies have already developed techniques to do cleaning chores in the most efficient way possible with products safe for your home, family, and pets. Their staff is trained so that they know what is needed for any cleaning task that you may have.


  1.    Insurance

Professional cleaners are insured and bonded to your security.  So you can trust them to come into your home or office and clean it.  What can happen if a valuable piece got damaged during the cleaning process or if the person cleaning your home has an accident?  The insurance that the house cleaning company has will cover that, giving you the protection you need.


  1.    Customize cleaning

You can customize the type of cleaning that you want to be done for the occasion. There are a variety of services available just for your cleaning needs. You can pick and choose what you want to be done and how frequently you want it done.


  1.    Free up your schedule

There are other things you need to do aside from cleaning the house. Planning the day’s activities and preparing the food for your guests can be prioritized when you hire a cleaning company to clean your home. You could have a hard time doing these things if you have to include cleaning in your schedule. With professional cleaners, this task is removed from your to-do list.


Thanksgiving is lurking around the corner. Spend more time preparing for the occasion by allowing us to the dirty job for you.  With our professional cleaners, you can choose what you want to be done, just call for an appointment and get a price quote now.

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Accepted payments: Cash, Credit Card, Cheque, PayPal, Finance/Lease, Traveler Cheque
Accepted currencies: USD
Cleaning Service 701 Gervais St Suite 150-412 SC 29201 US
Cleaning Service