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A Memorable Staff Outing: Brunch, Creativity, and Candle Making!!!

We recently had a memorable staff outing at our office, and it was a day filled with delicious food, great company, and a dash of creativity. The setting was our office's back deck, and we were fortunate to have a beautiful fall day to enjoy the outdoors.

Our day began with a delightful brunch spread, including a Grits bar, eggs, breakfast meats, pastries, and chicken and waffles. We feasted together, enjoying the scrumptious dishes and each other's company.

After satisfying our appetites, we transitioned to a unique and creative experience. Chase from Copper Canyon Soap Company joined us to guide us through the art of candle making. Under his expert guidance, we crafted our own unique soy candles, each infused with our chosen scents. This creative session was a therapeutic and enjoyable experience that brought us closer as a team.

Following our candle-making adventure, we gathered to enjoy the beautiful fall weather on the back deck, with the backdrop of changing leaves and crisp air. It was a wonderful opportunity to savor the season's beauty and bask in the memories we'd created with our work family.

In the end, our staff outing was a delightful blend of good food, a beautiful setting, great company, and a creative twist that resulted in handcrafted candles. It's a day we won't soon forget, and it reinforced the strong bonds that make our team feel like a family.

Special thanks to Chase at Copper Canyon Soap Company, who we highly recommend!!!

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