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Deserved Comfort is a leading provider of house cleaning services in Columbia. Backed by over 38 years of experience.

Deserved Comfort Difference

Our clients provide the cleaning products (the usual household cleansers kept in the home, allowing our clients to choose which brands and scents are used in their homes).  They also provide the vacuum, mop, and broom, eliminating the worry of having germs spread in their homes from vacuums and mops that have been used in hundreds of other homes.

Our professional house cleaning technicians will bring in clean, high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths which are color coded to prevent cross contamination.  The techs will also bring in various tools of the trade, as well as a cleaning caddy to aid in the cleaning process.

We try our best to customize the service to fit our client’s needs, so if you need more done, or less, or need to exclude rooms, just let us know and we will make it work for you.  Most of our clients have the general cleaning scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, although we can schedule service "one time" or “as needed”. 

With most general cleanings, we assign one individual Cleaning Technician (not groups or teams), in order to provide a more personalized service.  If service is set up on a recurring basis, we do our best to assign the same technician to return on a regular basis.

We’re not just another “maid” service. Our Cleaning Technicians are loved by our clients!

Cleaning Services

General Cleaning

  • Clean & Sanitize Bathrooms
  • Dust Furniture, Fixtures, Blinds, Window Sills & Baseboards
  • Vacuum Carpeted Areas & Rugs
  • Clean and Sanitize Kitchen Counters, Sinks & Exterior Appliances
  • Change Linens & Make Beds
  • Sweep & Mop Bare Floors

Detailed / Custom Cleaning

  • Woodwork (Mouldings, Window Sills, Doors, Baseboards, Etc)
  • Interior Windows Washed
  • Blinds/Shutters
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets
  • Interior of Appliances
  • Any Tasks included in the General Cleaning

Hourly Cleaning*

  • Select Number of Hours to Fit Your Budget
  • Provide Prioritized Task List for your Technician to Accomplish within Budgeted Hours

(Hourly Cleaning is best for budgets, or if you want to vary the tasks or areas of your home to be cleaned from visit to visit, or if you want to limit the time we are in your home.  Unlike the "General Cleaning" where your technician is there until those included tasks are complete, with the "Hourly Cleaning", your technician leaves the job when the allotted time is done, regardless of what has been completed from your Task List.)

Customized Cleaning

  • Select Areas in your Home That You Want to be Cleaned - Exclude The Rest

Office Cleaning

  • Clean & Sanitize Bathrooms & Breakrooms
  • Dust Desks, Furniture, Fixtures, Blinds, Window Sills & Baseboards
  • Vacuum Carpeted Areas & Rugs
  • Sweep & Mop Bare Floors

Not Offered

  • Dishwashing Service
  • Straightening/Organizing Clutter
  • Laundry Services
  • Polishing Silver or Brass
  • Exterior / Non-Climate Controlled Cleaning

House Cleaning in Columbia, SC

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