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Helpful Tips to Guide You on Your New Year's Day After-party Clean Up

New Years embrace new beginnings - a chance for everyone to begin fresh and fun. It’s just bound to start with one hell of a celebration! At this point, you must have listed all your resolutions, like last year. But if you were to assess what you learned from the previous party, it would most probably go like this, "I will keep my sanity intact while doing the after-party clean up."

As life is a two-edged sword, hosting a New Year’s party at your home has its ups and downs. An advantage is that you don’t have to worry about drunk drivers on the road when the party is at your own home. On the contrary, there is that responsibility of cleaning up afterward.

The single thought of cleaning alone is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat, but does tidying up need to be that bad? Well, not really. With a little planning, and sticking to your checklist, you could achieve a fresh home for the new year in no time - even if you’re nursing a hangover.

Usually, it’s best for you to clean up immediately after your guests have left, but tidying up after the New Year’s Party is slightly different. Your guests won’t probably leave until midnight is long past, so it’s wise to start the majority of the cleanup for the next day. That way you’ll feel more refreshed and not so sleepy. Some chores should be done before you lay your head down.


Before going to bed make sure to…

  • Put any uneaten food in plastic containers and place it back in the fridge. If you leave it lying there all night, it could quickly rot and have bacteria grow on it. By doing so, it will stay fresh longer, and you might not have to cook the next day.

  • Seal or re-cork bottles of wine that haven’t been entirely emptied yet. You can use some cling wrap to cover the top if you can’t get the cork back in. 
  • Act on any urgent matters such as stains and spills. They are easiest to remove when treated immediately. Apply an organic stain remover, soak then gently dab. You can wash it thoroughly the next day. 
  • Clear out any clutter you see. The last thing you’d want is to navigate a maze full of empty cans and bottles in the middle of the night during those times when you are in desperate need of the loo.


After waking up…

The first battle you’ll want to take on is decluttering. It’s just that everything seems more manageable when you’re in an airy, open environment than one full of empty bottles and cans that you can form a miniature Empire State Building with. To get started:

  • Prepare waste bags or recycling bags. Although anything made of plastic or glass is usually recyclable, if you don’t know what is permitted, be sure to seek advice from your local council about which are recyclable, and which are not.  Some communities have that information posted online. 
  • You may want to rinse out the bottles and cans, first since alcohol can create an overpowering smell when it’s old, and it can produce a severe odor inside your house. As soon as your rubbish or recycling bags get full, take them to the bin immediately. 
  • You can start doing the dishes. Fill the dishwasher with bowls, plates, and glasses. 
  • Gather your fabric tablecloths and napkins and give them a spin in your washing machine. Use an organic good quality detergent having stain removers to eliminate spots. You can also start washing items you have applied stain removers to the night before.

Just in case you might forget...

  • Do not forget to inspect the toilet premises. Everyone tries his best to be hygienic, but once alcohol is flowing and actions are impaired, there can be a few misses. Wear rubber gloves and start wiping the areas with disinfectant wipes. You can place a bowl of baking soda in the room to absorb the odor. 
  • If one of your guests went over his limit and vomited, there can be that horrible,  leftover smell lingering around your home. If it happened on your carpet, you could use a sponge to dab over the area with warm, soapy water and vinegar. Allow it to dry naturally. Or if you have difficulties in doing so, you may check out the best Calgary carpet cleaning services here
  • Oh and one last thing, remember to use organic disinfectants to wipe or spray handles, doorknobs, and anything else that you usually touch on a regular basis.

And for the finishing touches…

You are now a step closer to bringing your house back to normal state, congratulations! But to complete the cleaning process, start sweeping floors, vacuum, and polish dirty mirrors and windows. This can give your house a more energetic and refreshed vibe.

If you feel like you are too tired to do everything by yourself, you can look up trusted house cleaning services Columbia, SC and hire the

No matter how you feel the morning after your New Year’s Party, you’ll surely feel better once you get your house in order. After all, you can just relax and welcome the year the way you want to.

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