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How to Keep Wooden Surfaces Dust-Free for Longer Periods of Time

The coziness and aesthetic appeal of having wooden surfaces in the home are unparalleled. Hardwood floors and wood furniture add a warmth and charm to your interiors which other types of materials simply cannot do. For that reason, and many others, it is essential to take proper care of the wood to prolong its life and maintain its beauty. The downside of having wooden components in the home, however, is that they attract dust very easily! In fact, you can find dust settled on a wooden surface as soon as a minute after wiping it!  Yes, it’s very frustrating to feel like your efforts to clean are going up and away with the dust settling so quickly!  Well, we’ve got some great tips to help keep your wooden surfaces dust-free for more extended periods of time than you thought possible! Read on.  

  1. Vacuum or Sweep with Microfiber Brooms

Using a regular broom to sweep your hardwood floors is not effective in removing dust completely. In fact, much of the dust and dirt merely get moved around as opposed to being swept up into the dustpan. Sweeping with a regular broom also encourages dust to become airborne; where it settles on your furniture and other surfaces, taking you back to square one. Hence, we suggest vacuuming hardwood floors using an appropriate brush attachment or sweeping with a microfiber broom that attracts and picks up dust efficiently.


  1. Use Damp Cloths to Wipe Furniture

Avoid using feather dusters, dry cloths or dust rags to wipe your wooden furniture. These dusting “aids” will either unsettle dust (instead of picking it up) or transfer it to other areas or surfaces as you go about dusting. Clean, damp cloths, on the other hand, will pick up dust efficiently so that none of it is unsettled and allowed to reappear on the surface again. Just follow up with a dry cloth, all wood will absorb water, and we don’t want to ruin it, just clean it!


  1. Clean Air Vents Regularly

A significant contributor to dust in the home comes from your air vents. If not cleaned regularly, air vents quickly collect dust which then gets blown out into your home when your HVAC unit is turned on. The dust settles on your furniture and other surfaces, leaving you with no other option but to dust your furniture again. You can avoid this and keep dust off your wooden surfaces for longer periods by paying close attention to your air vents and cleaning them when needed which should be at least once a year.


  1. Groom Pets and Keep Them Off the Furniture

If you have pets, here is another problem, pet dander.  Pet dander is a significant contributor to household dust which is why you should discourage your pets from climbing onto your furniture. It’s also important to groom them regularly to eliminate as much pet dander as possible from clinging to your furniture. For the cleaning part, either use kitchen gloves to wipe your wood furniture or use a microfiber cloth.  Both the rubber gloves and the microfiber cloths will attract and hold dust and pet dander.

  If you find all this dusting to be time-consuming, you can always call our maid service for help maintaining a dust free home for you and your family.

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