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How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Clean

We call them chores for a reason. Cleaning is an unappealing task to do and yet you have to do it. Let’s face it. Cleaning is not fun unless you’re someone born with a knack for doing it. Unfortunately, you have to clean because dirt is not something that comes occasionally.Dust will accumulate. Stains and grease will harden, making it tougher to remove. And your floors will get sticky. Yuck!

To make it a little less like a chore and more of a routine, here are a few things you can do to keep you motivated to clean.

How to Keep Motivated When Cleaning

  1. Play some music

    Turn up the volume and play your
    ! If you go to the gym, you’ll know that music helps you get through the physical task.Playing upbeat music will help you feel more active and motivated to clean and do the work. Make yourself a cleaning playlist and dance your way to a cleaner home. Don’t worry, no one’s watching.

  1. Use a timer

They say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. Unfortunately, cleaning is not fun so that means a few minutes could feel like an hour. Using a timer will help you become aware of how long you’ve been cleaning. You can use tip number 1 and create a 20-minute playlist so that you will not feel like you’re in a race. It will help you get up, and clean before the music stops.

  1. Break it into smaller tasks

Do not force yourself to clean the whole house in a day. It will only make you feel the weight of the chore. It will also make it harder to find the time to do it. So instead, fi clean your house room-per-room and schedule it on a weekly basis.

For example:

  • First week – Living Room
  • Second week – Kitchen
  • Third week – Bathroom
  • Fourth week – Bedroom
  1. Find a trigger

Researchers found that you can trick your brain to do a certain task by doing another task called a “trigger.” What it means is that if you always wash the dishes after you watch a 6pm-7pm show, it will become a habit. Find yourself a trigger that will automatically tell your brain that it’s time to clean.

  1. Invite friends to come over

Probably the best thing that will motivate to clean is to have visitors. You’ll want to clear the table of all the clutter, even if you are a pathologically messy person.

Invite three to five people over. More than 10 would probably leave your home messier than it already was. However, things can go out of hand and the cleaning is just too tough for you. If this happens, you can
to help you with heavy duty cleaning.

You can schedule for

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