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Looking for a job? Deserved Comfort Professional House Cleaning is hiring.

If you are a high-energy person who takes pride in doing a job well and would enjoy a flexible schedule, Deserved Comfort Professional House Cleaning may be the perfect employer for you.

Deserved Comfort is a locally owned company that has been in business more than 36 years, offering professional residential cleaning in the greater Columbia area, including Lexington and Irmo. The business is growing, according to owner Marlo McKelvey Kanipe, and that means she’s hiring.

“We’re always looking for great people who want to fill our housecleaning technician positions,” Kanipe said. “We’re looking for highly motivated individuals who take pride in their work and who can come into this business and stay. We want permanent employees.”

Kanipe said the job’s flexibility is one of its key features. “We work days only, Monday through Friday, so you can choose to work a portion of the day, or you can work full time for us, and we’d love that.”

Kanipe said her technicians receive rigorous training so they are well-equipped to deliver high-quality results for their clients, leading to a lot of awards for the company and more money in employees’ pockets.

“You’ll get wonderful tips from your clients,” she said. “We also give weekly bonuses to our technicians just for doing their jobs, for coming to work, being on time, being there every day. You also get bonuses for your birthday and for holidays, and full-time employees are eligible for paid holidays and paid vacations.”

As an added incentive, new employees are eligible for a $500 sign-on bonus, she added. The company also hosts regular outings and get-togethers, such as a summer picnic, to stay in touch and have fun with the whole staff.

Qualifications for the job include being at least 21 years old, holding a driver’s license and having a vehicle covered by insurance. It also helps to be energetic, Kanipe said.

“You must be in good physical condition to do this because it’s like exercising. You don’t need to belong to a gym if you work for us. It’s good, hard work, but it’s very gratifying at the end of the day when you see the job you’ve completed, and you get just wonderful comments from our clients.”

Anyone interested in working for Deserved Comfort Professional House Cleaning can visit the company’s website at deservedcomfort.com and click on "Employment" to learn more about the company and available positions, and to fill out an application online.

Article originally available at: https://www.coladaily.com/business/looking-for-a-job-deserved-comfort-professional-house-cleaning-is-hiring/article_9188e63e-0770-11ed-b355-0f5063438616.html

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