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Office Hacks for a Clean Workspace

Employers usually hire janitors to do the cleaning for the entire office. Since these cleaners are tasked to clean huge office spaces, particularly the dirtier areas like the pantry or restroom, the absolute cleanliness of our desks won't be guaranteed, so it is still the responsibility of each employee to ensure that their workspace is kept clean and organized. Cleaning your work-space in the office doesn't have to be as time-consuming as you think it could be. You don't need to bring your cleaning materials just to have a clean work desk. Here are some small items that are handy, either at home or in your workstation, and they can help you tidy up your workspace.  

  1. Post-it

Post-its are useful tools to keep our notes and our thoughts organized at work. Even if we've already used them, we can still make good use of them. Used post-its can still be sticky, and can be used when cleaning some stuff. Poke the sticky part of the post-it on hard-to-reach spaces like in keyboards to get rid of dust and other small dirt.


  1. Baby or Body Wipes

Baby and Body wipes are convenient stuff for our hygiene. Apart from using them for our face or body, they can also be used for cleaning as well. You may use them to free your computers and other items on your desk from dust and dirt. Baby wipes can also remove stains caused by coffee and food spills.


  1. Binder Clips

Binder clips are commonly used to organize papers.  If they are plastic coated, they can also be used for other stuff on your desk, like organizing earphones, cellphone charger, and other gadget cords. You can even use them to hook essential papers on cork boards.  The larger size ones can be used as a stand for either photos or cellphones.


  1. Vinegar

It may sound very unusual to bring a bottle of regular white vinegar from your kitchen to use at your workstation. Just a small bottle can do wonders for keeping your workspace clean. You may wipe off rust spots from metal objects like scissors or cabinets using a rag or paper towel dampened with a little vinegar. Tough, nasty stains on old chairs and desks may also be removed using vinegar.


  1. Kleenex

Kleenex is another classic personal item that can also be used for cleaning. While you have the wet baby wipes for some cleaning, you may want to dry those spots using Kleenex. It can also be used to brush off crumbs from your desk and to sop up water and other wet spills.


  1. Spray Disinfectant Cleanser

It's not enough to clean just the tangible items in your workspace. Sometimes, it's also necessary to clean the air in your office. As offices rely heavily on air conditioners, the whole office easily gets contaminated with disease-causing germs and bacteria that can easily spread and be transferred to anyone -- especially if a sick officemate reports to work. Bringing a small, handy bottle might help you stay healthy and productive at work.

  Bringing these items into the office may take up space either in your work site cabinets/shelving or desk. However,  having these small items will help you to keep a clean, organized, and safe workstation without relying on the office janitors.

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